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Using Digital Hotcakes FilmFX

Easily add scratches and dust to your video to give it that aged look. We show you how easy it is to use FilmFX in Adobe Premiere.

Creating a muli-layered composition

ovldiagLearn how to create this multi-layered composition using the animations found on Wedding Essentials Volume 1.

Importing an image sequence

Several of the Digital Hotcakes products include animations with the alpha channel. We supply these animations as a targa image sequence. When imported correctly, Adobe Premiere handles these images as a single clip in your Bin.

Quicktime PNG files are now availiable on all Digital Hotcakes products that have overlays. Just import them, drop them in track 2 or higher and set the transparency setting like shown below.

Setting Transparency

Once you have imported the targa image sequence with the alpha channel, you’ll  need to set the transparency to alpha channel. Here’s how to do that.

Batch processing

This tutorial will show you how to take a folder of Quicktime movies and convert them to AVI movies.

Compositing using DH Alpha Mattes

Create a multi-layered fourth of July clip using the Fireworks and Amerianc Flag found on Digital Hotcakes Alpha Mattes.

Creating a picture in picture effect

Learn the trick in creating the picture in picture effect using a moving background and one other video source.

Using Digital Hotcakes wipes

Here’s how to use the bouquet wipe found on Wedding Essentials Volume 1 in Adobe Premiere.

Creating a lower third

Learn how to create a lower-third graphic using any moving background and this free lower third matte.

Click here to download 2 free mattes.

Using a track matte in Adobe Premiere

Learn how use a track matte to create endless possibilities in Adobe Premiere.

Click here to download 2 free mattes.


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