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FROM: Diana Teeters

May 1, 2007

Dear Videographer,

Audiences today are spoiled. Everyday, they watch spectacular Hollywood effects in movies and television shows. This makes your job and ours harder. We’ve got to give them something they’re not use to seeing. That’s why I’m excited to tell you about a new title effect. It’s so remarkable, it will surely have your viewers asking, “How’d you do that?” You won’t find this effect hidden in your video editing software. We call it, Write-On Titles.

Write-On Titles are pre-made titles that appear to write themselves onto the screen as though they were gracefully hand written. This is an effect that is rarely seen. Why? Because there is no software available today that makes this task easy. So, when a visual effect is seldom seen by the viewer, it gets their attention!

Don’t spend hours in After Effects - We’ve already done the painstaking work for you

We did use software to create each title in the Write-On Series. It wasn’t fast, nor easy. It took our team six months to meticulously animate each and every letter in Adobe After Effects. Unless you are an expert in After Effects, you wouldn’t want to try this at home. Besides you probably don’t have the time. Why bother? We’ve done it for you.



The Write-On Titles Series consists of 4 Volumes:

  • Wedding
  • Events
  • Wedding Español
  • Quinceañera


Each Volume contains 25 unique titles

See list of titles for each volume below.


2 useful fonts:



And  3 exquisite styles:



That’s 150 animations on each volume

(25 titles) x (2 Fonts) x (3 Styles) = 150 animations


Pristine keying results using an alpha channel

Because each title has an alpha channel, they look incredibly sharp over an background or footage.


Green screen animations provided for chroma-key

If you’re using video software only capable of chroma-keying, we’ve supplied each title over a green background. Just key out the green and put the title over your video footage or video background.


Here’s the list of titles for each volume:

Wedding Titles
Special Events Titles
Spanish Wedding Titles

Just take a look at your competitive advantages...



Create stunning video intros fast and easy.

Just import the titles into your project. Then drop them over any moving background or video footage. Wha-la! You have a title that looks like you took days to create.


Save valuable time while making more money.

Because in minutes you create a title that looks like it took you days, you can charge more for your work.


Leave a lasting impression on your clients.

Do remarkable work for your clients, and they’ll talk about you all over town. Word of mouth is the best way to get more clients.


You’re probably thinking. Since we went through all the work of making each title, how can I change them? You can’t change the words in the titles. But, you can change the color, size, position, and speed of the title by using the existing capabilities of your video editing software.

This demo was created in Adobe Premiere Pro using Digital Hotcakes Wedding Essentials for the backgrounds. In some animations, the color, size, position, and speed have been adjusted. In some clips we fade up the title animation, showing you another way to present the title.

How much is your time worth? Are you willing to spend days making just one animated title in After Effects when we’ve already made hundreds for you? What if you don’t own After Effects? After all, it sells for over $600. Ouch!

How much is Write-On Titles worth?. Since there is no easy animated title generator available, your best option is Write-On Titles. What would you be willing to pay for one title? Twenty dollars? Ten dollars? Five dollars? How about nothing, nada, zilch, absolutey free.

Pay absolutely nothing per title animation to make stunning video intros fast & easy.

When you purchase the Ultimate Wedding Bundle not only will you receive all four volumes of Wedding Essential but you’ll also receive 2 Write-On Title Volumes FREE

Wedding Titles

Vol 1 Wedding

Special Events Titles

Vol 2 Events

Spanish Wedding Titles

Vol 3 Wedding Español

Guaranteed to work with this video editing software. Click Here.

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Any 2 FREE

$238 Value

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Vol 4 Quinceañera

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Our office hours are M-F 8:30-5:30 CST. After office hours, please leave a number on our voice mail and we’ll call you back.

Warm regards,



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