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Academic Distributing, Inc., in business since 1989, is a leading US distributor focused solely on delivering computing products to the academic market. We provide supply-chain services for more than 100 computer-product manufacturers.

Broadfield Distributing is The Leading Distributor of
Video Editing & Production Equipment in the World!

For more then 20 years they’ve been providing the tools needed to edit and produce video. They've stayed on top of all the latest technology and trends and they have grown with the changes in the industry.

MacroSystem Digital Video specializes in video editing and its Casablanca digital video editors offer solutions for professional and aspiring movie makers, with over 100,000 Casablanca owners worldwide.

Publishing Perfection

Third Party Products

SmartSound Software, Inc. is the maker of the SmartSound family of audio software products. These audio software products were designed from the ground up to allow visual content creators to create soul-stirring soundtracks customized specifically for their video and visual projects. It is the first audio software on the market designed to fill the needs of visually oriented people; not musicians or sound engineers; so that they can create the soundtracks they need for their projects quickly, effectively and with completely professional results.


Time Image provides royalty-free stock film footage for unlimited use and worldwide broadcast. Their clients include ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, Disney, MGM Productions, Access Hollywood, and the Super Bowl.

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Anthony Coppedge Church Media Consulting

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