Hereís how to use Digital Hotcakes Wipes in Final Cut Pro.

1. Start FCP, and import your footage (2 clips), and a Hotcakes wipe. We used BouquetWipe from Wedding Essentials Volume 1 Disc 2 in the QT PNG folder.

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NOTE: Copy all Digital Hotcakes animations from CD or DVD to your video hard drive before importing them.

2. Double click your first clip to bring up viewer. Mark out point 1 second from end of clip. Insert into timeline.

Insert Icon

3. Double click your second clip to bring up viewer. Mark in point 1 second from beginning of clip. Insert into timeline.

4. In the browser go under the Effects tab under Video transitions/ Wipes/Edge Wipe. Double click to bring up settings. Change Angle to 135, and the duration to 2:00.

Duration setting

5. Drag the hand icon from the effects settings panel to intersection of the two clips. See above image for location of hand icon. After doing so, your timeline should look like image below.

Angle setting

Hand icon

8. In your browser, go back to your project tab to select the Bouquet Wipe folder. Drag it to V2 over the Edge Wipe transition.

9. Render.

NOTE: When using other Digital Hotcakes wipes consider the duration of the wipe when setting the in and out points for your two clips. For example if the wipe is 30 seconds long. Set the out point for the first clip 15 seconds from end and the in point for the second clip 15 seconds from beginning of clip. Choose the wipe that best resembles the Hotcakes wipe and set itís duration and angle to match.

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