Using the Chroma key effect in Roxio Video Wave 9

This tutorial will show you how to use the Travel Album Open movie found on Home Movie Essentials Vol 1.

1. Start Video Wave.

2. Click on Add Photo/Video to add your video or picture to the timeline. Navigate to the desired folder on your computer.

3. Click on Add Photo/Video again to insert the TravelAlbumOpenGreen.avi movie to the timeline. Navigate to the Digital Hotcakes folder you have copied to your hard drive.


When this window pops up. Select Insert as overlay and click on OK.

4. Select your picture and drag the right edge out to increase the duration. Do the same for the TravelAlbumOpen track.


5. Now letís set the chroma key up. Click on the TravelAlbumOpen clip. Go to your Setting and choose Chroma Key from pulldown menu. Note: If you do not see your Settings palette, go to your Tools menu and select Show Settings.


6. Click on the Key color arrow, then on the More Colors button. Enter 255 for Green and 0 for Red and Blue. Congratulations, youíve just set the chroma key color to green. Now click OK.


7. Letís make one minor adjustment to Hue Tolerance setting. Change it from 50 to 60.


Hereís the results! Isnít Izzy cute?


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