Using Adobe Premiere Pro to create a picture in picture effect.

1. Start Premiere, and import your two footage clips and any moving background.

2. Drag the moving background clip to Video Track 1. Drag your first clip to Video Track 2.

3. Select Video Track 2. Under the Effect Controls for this track twirl down the Motion options.

NOTE: Copy all Digital Hotcakes animations from CD or DVD to your video hard drive before importing them.

4. Click on Motion to get handles to appear on the track.

5. Drag the handles inward to reduce the size of the clip. You can also drag click the clip to position it.

6. Drag your second video clip to Video Track 3 and repeat steps 3 through 5. You should end up with something like this.

7. To make the picture in picture effect pop, lets add a drop shadow to Tracks 2 and 3. Select Track 2. Go under the Effects Tab> Video Effects> Perspective > Drop Shadow. Drag the effect to the track. Adjust Distance and Softness sliders to taste. Repeat for Track 3.

8. After rendering, the clip should look somthing like the image below. Of course your footage will be inside frame.

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