Here’s how to use Vegas Video  to create a composition combining your footage, a Hotcakes background, a Hotcakes Overlay, and a Hotcakes Image Matte.

1. Import your footage, any Hotcakes background movie. We selected the Champagne loop from Wedding Essentials Vol 1.

2. Import the OvalFrame image sequence found in the TGA Overlays folder. Click here to review the import tutorial.

3. Import the OvalMatte still image found on Wedding Essentials Vol 1 in the Stills and Mattes folder.

4. Right-click on OvalMatte now in the Media Pool to bring up its Properties panel.

5. Set Pixel Aspect Ratio to 0.9091 (NTSC DV). Set Alpha Channel to Straight (unmatted).

6. Drag the OvalMatte targa sequence to Track 1. Drag the OvalMatte still to Track 2. Drag the Champagne loop to Track 3, and AwesomeSunset to Track 4.

Click Here for PDF

NOTE: Copy all Digital Hotcakes animations from CD or DVD to your video hard drive before importing them.

7. Click on next to Track 3 to make the Champagne movie a child track to the track above.

 You should see the following composition in your project preview window.

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